Turn gas money into fun money thru practical solutions in renewable energy and transportation.


Support Innovation in the practical application of proven Renewable Energy Technologies and Transportation Solutions giving priority to our employees and strategic partners.
Provide Excellent Customer Service
Promote Green practices in our Working Environment & a Cognizance of Core Values

Provide Practical Opportunities for our Suppliers to "Go Green"
Provide Superior Performing Vehicles and Proven Technologies
Collaborate with Student Sustainability and Environmental Groups
Collaborate with local and national government agencies to efficiently deploy sustainable technologies while cultivating solutions-based integration of existing technologies and systems.
Cultivate practices in social justice and celebrate the richness in diversity

Speaking of richness in diversity...may your experiences find common ground!

Let freedom RIP!
Jeannie Collins, CEO
The Scooter Stop, Inc.
343 Soquel Drive, #185
Santa Cruz, CA  95062

Special Interests & Successes of our community:

  • Green Collar jobs training programs in progress: opportunities for thousands of jobs
  • Training Facilities for Green Collar jobs scheduled and/or in process
  • Produced and Hosted Green Building and Energy Efficiency Workshops...including LED lighting
  • Energy Drives Including Distribution of 8,000 CFL bulbs, recycle bags & information packets
  • Active with Community groups including economic think tanks, planning and environmental groups
  • Special interests in community transit and tele-business solutions.