Turn your pictures into a dvd-format slide show!

Plays automatically! Great inexpensive gift that will entertain for years to come!

With or without music! You choose the song!
You can choose from styles such as classical to rock, even reggae!

How it works:

Option 1: Your pictures are (or will be) on a photo gallery site such as http://photos.yahoo.com (RECOMMENDED)

Option 2: You send us your pictures, either on a cd or dvd in jpg, bmp, gif form, or mail us your originals (Yes, your originals will be handled delicately and returned immediately with a tracking number, at no extra cost to you.)

We will create a dvd that automatically displays your pictures one after another in a continuous loop. You can select the order and music! We will have your originals (if any) and your dvd in the mail within 24 hours of receiving them.

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Great gift for Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa!

Did you have a party and take lots of pictures? Don't you wish you could send an easy-to-use DVD with the pictures t your guests as a wonderful thank you gift? Now you can with TV Picture Frame!

Turns your TV in a virtual picture frame in which the picture changes every minute.

Originally intended to make a room more picturesque, you can now make a photo slide show for the whole family to enjoy.

About us:
Founded by Bret Leduc, TVPictureFrame.com is a family-based business serving the community since 2006. We welcome any comments and suggestions, please email us at info@tvpictureframe.com


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