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#33 | 2/28/2013, 5:13 am, PDT | Bret  
I got the Pick Number game working again. The cursor populates automatically in the Pick field, and when you pick a number and press enter, you can just press enter again to return to the game screen. It's a process called "focus()". It wasn't working because the tag "id" wasn't set. Now it is and it works.
Also, I added a poll to the home page. There are several and they rotate randomly. I like it. I hope you do too.

#32 | 2/27/2013, 2:35 am, PDT | Bret  
Hey guys!
I changed the contact form to one where you can use it to email whoever you want and make it FROM whoever you want to be, and all this without having to use an email client. This opens up a whole world of pranks, lol.

#31 | 1/16/2012, 10:34 pm, PDT | Bret Leduc  
It doesnt seem to count on safari :( But it does work on firefox.

#30 | 1/10/2012, 12:02 am, PDT | Bret  
If you click on the link for my site, you should be taken to my school home page where the Pick Number game counts properly.

#29 | 4/11/2011, 10:01 am, PDT | nobody

#28 | 11/28/2010, 5:19 pm, PDT | Meigh
If # 27 doesn't like what's on this blog, they should simply not visit here, anymore.

Last edited by Bret Leduc at 11/28/2010, 11:08 pm, PST

#27 | 11/16/2010, 4:16 pm, PDT | Ph  
You should really take down pictures of your daughter and conversations with another individual.

#26 | 7/2/2010, 2:41 pm, PDT | Irrelevant  
Thought you would like to be aware that your conversations with Amyvomit are available to anyone with the internet. You are the second guy today whose sensitive information I have been able to access with google. I don't know how you can protect yourself from this but if you want to find out how I accessed it then email me.


#25 | 9/27/2009, 1:13 pm, PDT | Bret  
Some darling hacked my site. He modded my index page to redirect to some garbage site. He also deleted my upload directory. Luckily I backed up everything in the upload directory onto my moms computer earlier this year. Ive lost all trust in Powweb. I will put the upload directory back, but it will take time. I just cant believe someone would do that. Its unnerving.

#24 | 6/27/2009, 3:39 pm, PDT | Slightly Uneasy
At the bottom of your blog you have a picture of yourself and your daughter Paige - the caption reads

"This page was created on August 22, 2005 - the first day of the school year"

Do we really need to know when you conceived her? May I ask are you a teacher? did you need to relax after your first day back at work?

and then hints of genetic engineering are revealed when you add

"This page was modified on November 1, 2005, February 16, 2006, April 12, 2006 and April 25, 2007"

Now listen here - no more modifications - it stops here OK? She looks beautiful as she is so leave alone... and children are self-upgrading so you wasted your time anyway.



#23 | 6/27/2009, 3:26 pm, PDT | Ship That Passed In The Night
The directory on your site is open for anyone to see - you should stick an index.htm file in there or something to stop people looking at all your stuff!
I took a few MP3's as a reward for telling you! Quite a few actually... lots and lots. Nearly all of them - but I never touched the Salsa - I have my morals...

Anyway - I've got to move on now so you take care.

#22 | 6/18/2009, 11:04 pm, PDT | Greg A Tropht  
I had fun going through your site and getting all the software.

You have quite the collection!

I particularly enjoyed getting these:

AdobeAcrobat7Professional DreamweaverMXFinalWithSerial MacromediaStudio8-WithSerial

I'll be sure to send more people by to pick some up.


#21 | 1/28/2009, 5:24 pm, PDT | kaci  
glad you're back!

#20 | 10/5/2008, 9:28 pm, PDT | david flatley

Sophia Healing Center
776 Haight St.
SF,CA 94117
415 655 9373

#19 | 9/24/2008, 9:36 pm, PDT | Bret   
From William for Adam
Part 2 of 2

this is for one gallon of tea(the first one i sent was for 5), and the directions are a bit easier to understand..

Seedlings less than 1 month old nutrient tea mix
1 Tbsp Black Strap Molasses
3 Tbsp earthworm castings
mix with 1 gallon of water every 3rd watering

Vegetative mix
1 Tbsp + 1/4 tsp Peruvian Seabird Guano (PSG)
1 Tbsp + 1/4 tsp High N Bat Guano (Mexican)
1 Tbsp + 1/4 tsp Earth Worm Castings (EWC)
1 Tbsp Maxi-crop 1-0-4 powdered kelp extract
1 Tbsp Liquid Karma (optional)
1 Tbsp Black Strap Molasses

use @ 3 Tbsp mix/1 gallon of water.
Dilute as needed. Generally, 2/3 cups per 1 gallon of water @ every 3rd watering.

Flowering nutrient tea mix
2 Tbsp + 1/2 tsp Peruvian Seabird Guano
2 Tbsp + 1/2 tsp Earth Worm Castings
2 Tbsp + 1/2 tsp High P Guano (Indonesian or Jamaican)
1 Tbsp Maxi-crop 1-0-4 powdered kelp extract
1 Tbsp Black Strap Molasses

use @ 3 Tbsp mix/1 gallons of water.
Dilute as needed. Generally, 2/3 cups per 1 gallon of water @ every watering.

This is all based on 1 cup = 48 tsp & 3 tsp = 1 Tbsp so 1/3 cup = 5 Tbsp = 1 tsp.
Of course, if your only mixing one gallon at a time, you can drop the 1/4 & 1/2 tsp. It's more there for math on bigger mixes...

#18 | 9/23/2008, 10:49 pm, PDT | Bret   
This message is for Adam from William...

Here is a list of materials you will need:

1. 1 or 5 gallon container, I use a 5 gallon bucket.

2. Fish tank pump and an air stone.

3. A pair of old socks or a # 2 panty hose.

4. Some type of measuring device…Tablespoon and Measuring cup ( one
that reads ml or ounces).

5. Quality compost and liquid additives.

Once you have gathered all of your usable materials you are ready to begin. First, take and fill the container of choice up. Let it bubble for 48 hours to ensure that all the chlorine is “burned” off. I call this “tepid” water. Once this procedure is complete you are ready to add your organic material. Take your sock and place in what materials you choose to use. Place the sock with the organic material in the container and agitate it vigorously. After about 24 hours you will see foam start to form at the top of the solution. This will let you know that the micro-population of beneficial bacteria are starting to breed. Continue to brew for another 24 hours. Once this process is complete you will have an excellent foliar feed or a soil drench.

Here is a basic tea recipe:

Guano Tea and Kelp:

Seedlings less than 1 month old nutrient tea mix-
5 TBS. Black Strap Molasses
1-cup earthworm castings/5 gallons of water every 3rd watering

Vegetative mix-
1/3 cup Peruvian Seabird Guano (PSG)
1/3 cup High N Bat Guano (Mexican)
1/3 cup Earth Worm Castings (EWC)
5 TBS. Maxi-crop Liquid Kelp
5 TBS. Liquid Karma (optional)
5 TBS. Black Strap Molasses

Flowering nutrient tea mix:
2/3 cup Peruvian Seabird Guano
2/3 cup Earth Worm Castings
2/3 cup High P Guano (Indonesian or Jamaican)
5 TBS. Maxi-crop Liquid Kelp
5 TBS. Black Strap Molasses

(what you do is mix all of the above ingredients together, and then take one cup out of the mixture)

once brewed, dilute as needed. Generally, 2 to 3 cups per 5 gallons of water @ every watering.

good luck

#17 | 9/22/2008, 11:18 pm, PDT | Brett  
my name is Brett LeDuc. hahahh im a girl though

#16 | 9/2/2008, 3:22 am, PDT | nep  
wow - i won 3 out of 3, so far.

You picked 1
I picked 1
You win!

You have won 1 time.

#15 | 9/2/2008, 2:16 am, PDT | meigh  
to: your fave aunt :

Roy already did.

#14 | 8/13/2008, 6:35 am, PDT | Baaaaaaaaaaaaa  

#13 | 8/11/2008, 1:56 am, PDT | amy  
we should have an 8 or 9 year old by now ( i'm drunk) but....we should've had a were the one i loved. we we're supposed to have awesome kids together. Paige is great and i would never wish less for you, but we we're supposed to do this first. you know you love me more than anything (other than paige) in this world.


nothing will ever be the same

#12 | 7/25/2008, 9:24 am, PDT | Your Favorite Aunt
When are you going to resolve the unified theory of the universe? Where's that adorable Paige?

#11 | 6/8/2008, 5:45 pm, PDT | Bret
Hey - why arent you posting entries here in the guestbook? What part of di di mao didnt you understand?!

#10 | 4/24/2008, 3:44 am, PDT | Bret
I fixed the game. There were two things going on.
1) I was phlanxing around with the wrong process.php file in dreamweaver. I was messing a version that was outside of the htdocs folder.
2) I moved the session_start() to the very top of the script.

What a relief!
Enjoy the game. It is now fully functional.

#9 | 4/24/2008, 2:38 am, PDT | Bret
The new version of the Pick a Number game is really neat technically, because it does the following:
1) It has a new background color which frames it against the main page.
2) It tallys wins and losses and outputs the results with proper grammar.
3) VERY COOL - the page load focuses on the entry field and return button, so now you can just tap the keys and go, without having to move or click the mouse! In other words, the cursor automatically populates in the pick number field, where it didnt before.
4) The game now equates ., a, d, g with 1, 2, 3, 4. So now you can play the game on a cell phone without having to press each key 4 times!

So now we are just waiting for a solution for the server error:

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by (output started at /hermes/web03/b559/pow.bretleduc/htdocs/process.php:7) in /hermes/web03/b559/pow.bretleduc/htdocs/process.php on line 17

Last edited by Bret Leduc at 4/24/2008, 2:39 am, PDT

#8 | 4/24/2008, 2:32 am, PDT | Bret  
I am updating the game on the main page. It is breaking right now, but hopefully it will be fixed soon. It works fine on my local computer, but when I run it on Powweb, it gives a server error.

#7 | 4/15/2008, 10:43 am, PDT | Bret   
Hey guys -
Thanks for the great feedback and love!
Someone asked if the old site was gone. It's not. You can still see it here...


#6 | 4/15/2008, 9:37 am, PDT | Pete   
At work. Gotta go.

#5 | 4/15/2008, 7:06 am, PDT | Mel   
God, Paige is so cute! Looks like she's growing fast!

#4 | 4/15/2008, 7:02 am, PDT | Ba  

What a GREAT website... you're soooo talented... Paigerwagers is soooooooooooo adorable ! Comin' over???? Bring Pagers!!!

#3 | 4/15/2008, 1:42 am, PDT | tonya lee   
Your family is so fun, a true joy.

#2 | 4/15/2008, 12:33 am, PDT | kc  
love it.

#1 | 4/14/2008, 10:29 pm, PDT | Bret Leduc   
Hi Everybody!
I made a new website. Hope you like it :)

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