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This pic was taken at Cinemark around June 15, 2007. I love this pic because I can imagine what Paige will look like as an adult.

Jen Harding - Bitter

The song that changed the world
- 4/27/06


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Here is where the Bowman game used to be.
The site that it was on ( apparently took it down, so this blog page was being redirected to their home page.
I'm going to see about reimplementing the bowman game here. But it's not a priority right now. The priority for me was to comment out the code for the Bowman game so people do not continue getting redirected to the page.
I love you Paige!
11:11am on 10/17/2017


This is Paige at her first kegger frat party with the head of my math dept of CSUMB, Dr. Hongde Hu.
In the background to the left, fellow students are playing quarters.


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Paige tied a bowline on April 9, 2006. Very impressive!

That's me!

This is my daughter, Paige, and I.